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      Graven Image . org Saturday, March 25, 2017 10:08 PM I get the graven image from Exodus of the Bible. It speaks of a time when ART was a SIN. And to worship Art a great sin So goes pagan idols and gods I hope this site is much like the last one only more interesting I would like to get people talking about  Religion Science and ART.


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    • Remembering that I heard JESUS say "I will  never leave you" the day after my deprogramming when I put down my bible and the joy left me  
    • what is the consistency of the universe? is it more flame or more water I am certain it's not heavy metal? least not by our sciences    
    • US and OUR Tuesday, November 21, 2017 1:31 PM Is US and OUR just 2? 2 gods? In genesis it revels God as US and our It is very possible that the GOD that created the universe is extra large Only in spirit fitting into our universe Which is why GOD is called a spirit. And that also God or god that created EVE fits  nicely into our universe with us as a creature Hence 2 gods or US and OUR. Add a human god such as Jesus We get a trinity Is the god that created eve really just the Holy Spirit?
      or is there much more to it than that I think simply it could be YES the Holy Spirit created Eve In a complex way we have a struggle I would say At least I do to whom is God the God of Abraham God of Isaac God of Jacob The IAM that IAM Is that 2 gods? Both being equal? It represents at least 2 if not 3 levels of god For me it gets complex as it probably should Anyways it is why the trinity exists It may very well be in common understanding that the Holy Spirit did create EVE as In Our Image Also who knows what else occurred Did the earth as we know it was it seeded with life? Or did other life come about naturally In the sense that GOD whom creates the universe did it with a special mix of potions you know herbs and spices and Monopoles from black holes in space which Angels are sent in special UFO type ships to gather the ingredients in a sense GOD created everything other that EVE perhaps Or does god the Holy Spirit actually do more? Actually its only in Genesis where God starts to create man that we get the plural nature of god showing up. So I would say that we as a human race are here due to the nature of the Holy Spirit the creature so to speak. The one that lives and dies same as we all do. That has a life span. And the GOD that is in SPIRIT only here by amazing grace transcending time and space to be with us.
    • This is a interesting book that many understand to be quoted in the Bible. Sons of god mated with women in the book of Enoch its angels that mate with the women of earth I have only read half this book. very interesting   
    • it is partially my belief that there is GOOD everywhere we look that many writings can be a pouring out of the spirit of the Lord. i am not so sure about these but very well are said to be of ancient origin. passed over by the crusades to orthodoxy in writings.