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    • Meeting Jesus Saturday, August 25, 2018 11:30 AM It was as if he was alive and real. I was 13ish years old and Fell totally in LOVE with GOD The Holy spirit came dwelling in me and the love of God Flowed through me for about 2 or so years.  Every day all day and night I fell sleep with the feeling of great love peace and joy and woke up to it in the morning It was I was SAVED!  This happiness was pure joy and love I smiled I looked favorably on all others. I was happy I did love people differently back then. Everyone was equal and loved I still understand this love as a intellectual thing now a days. Also I feel it at times though rare I do love still today just in a different way. Is it more respect. How ever one morning after my deprograming the LOVE was Gone And I became BOOK LOST. Yet I heard a voice that day that I put my bible down "I will never leave you." This was a first for me. A voice half there A spirit if you will Amazing
    • actually the grays might be related to the Ox or Lion see Ezeikel  
    • dynamite was once considered the anti christ  
    • Deprogramed Friday, July 27, 2018 9:56 AM   Deprogramed what is it? Threatened perhaps with death if I ever became a Christian again. Told many anti Christian ideals Insist I put down my bible and not read it This is the best I can do to understand the whole problem And yes it’s a problem Have someone talk to your unconscious Then find arguments all your life over it And I mean all your life having arguments with your sleeping state Your dream state Its rather crazy to think of and yes crazy to live Bi polar manic or Ptsd? Deprogramed Should be a whole new condition Deprograming is basic sorcery Yes the ancient secrets of wizardry And alchemy Brainwashing goes way back through the ages Yet its refined with new pentithol drugs It happens Left Wing Christianity meet Sorcery wizardry The pagan nature of man kind perhaps Jesus people meet the antichrist Welcome to the world of persicution And then whom to blame? Blame foreign powers for having such technics I personally cant help but place blame on the extremity to the right And I mean the extremity I find rather immoral in nature of human rights and human sufferings German engineering perhaps on the Nazi side I might blame we can appreciated German engineered items yet people? We might wonder if Nazi culture has invaded or something Yet really think Nazi culture? Didn’t we fight a war over this? do I blame too much? Is it just being of servitude? Anyways I was missing my Bible and basically all books for 30ish years I was like in the desert but I did nice art for a time Book lost I was that was the main goal even though other ideas come around
    • I see you do cases involving the pharmaceuticals At age 15 I was administered Sodium Pentithol In what I call the pentithol of persicution or POP for short What POP did to me was drive me rather mad In essence I am bi polar manic or PTSD or both I am sure about the pentithol and have my own understandings of what went on during my deprograming from my religion at the time which was Left leaning Christianity or Jesus people It worked I put down my bible and continued on without it or any practice further. I been calling this POP for a few years and have written a bit about it online Just a few months ago I came across MK ULTRA information I have reason to believe it might be associated with my case How ever I have read the senate report on mk ultra and it seems to say that Local police also had the where about to use such drugs also I was just a innocent 15yo kid I didn’t smoke drink have sex or do any drugs of any type. I was clean artist type with major science leanings I would study science at home in spare time And read my bible fully every day also. I was into painting film at the time also as a art form. I am not sure why me why did I suffer thru this event in my life? I am not sure. Nore can I say without doubt whom was up to the deprograming. It could been anyone. Yet MK ULTRA has answers for me in all the web searchings' I find comfort in reading that material. Anyways I have heard there is a mass tort suit somewhere on the subject and I surely wouldn’t be objecting to be a part of that. I do have feelings of civil nature being of service to my country in many ways also with that keep that in mind. Yet I feel some compensation for medical bills would be in order my counselors cost me a small fortune. Also the operation was so covert done under the idea it was a foot surgery. When in fact nothing was done to my foot This happened in 1971 Deprograming Donald Meek