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    • JESUS IS WAS and WILL BE always amazing.. i just love Jesus that he is watching over me he is there at times to this day or all times even now. the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is there always  
    • Slave of the dream Saturday, January 19, 2019 3:12 PM Slave of the dream Master/slave Religious persicution Nothing new The Christ remains Yet the book lost The practice gone Wandering life without With and without With you with out your knowledge Undone threats remain in locked in ward mind Wild fight or flight feelings of anxiety remain The battle half over half won half yet lost Life in general a turn around about faced Again slowly turning back again Wanting to live in peace And not be the subject of a science experiment Would compensation for enslavement of past be so wrong? I want my religious freedom NOW and THEN also OH MASTER FREE me from your hold The USA deprogramed leftist Christian in the 70s
    • perhaps at times the man is the human part of the holy spirit they are sided left  Eagle Ox then right Lion and man a very specific man not Jesus yet the holy spirit very interesting. this would make 4 figures in the holy spirit alone then the 2 Jesus and God the father making total of 6 on the sixth day God created man mark of the beast 6-40-6 what else can we conclude if any were the eagle the most to the left and the furthest from humanity  the OX on the left has similar appearance as the Lion does leaving the man farthest right eagle and ox related ox and lion related lion and man related        
    • its a difficult call at times to wonder if grays and what they are its hard to say they are related to the Holy Spirit but that might very well be the case might be a division also there  
    • "Around 1980, etymologists at Hebrew University in Jerusalem confirmed that cannabis is mentioned in the Bible by name, Kineboisin (also spelled Kannabosm) in a list of measured ingredients for 'an oil of holy ointment, an ointment compound after the art of apothecary' to be smeared on the head. The word was mistranslated in King James version as 'calamus' " (Latimer, 1988)
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