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    • I see you do cases involving the pharmaceuticals At age 15 I was administered Sodium Pentithol In what I call the pentithol of persicution or POP for short What POP did to me was drive me rather mad In essence I am bi polar manic or PTSD or both I am sure about the pentithol and have my own understandings of what went on during my deprograming from my religion at the time which was Left leaning Christianity or Jesus people It worked I put down my bible and continued on without it or any practice further. I been calling this POP for a few years and have written a bit about it online Just a few months ago I came across MK ULTRA information I have reason to believe it might be associated with my case How ever I have read the senate report on mk ultra and it seems to say that Local police also had the where about to use such drugs also I was just a innocent 15yo kid I didn’t smoke drink have sex or do any drugs of any type. I was clean artist type with major science leanings I would study science at home in spare time And read my bible fully every day also. I was into painting film at the time also as a art form. I am not sure why me why did I suffer thru this event in my life? I am not sure. Nore can I say without doubt whom was up to the deprograming. It could been anyone. Yet MK ULTRA has answers for me in all the web searchings' I find comfort in reading that material. Anyways I have heard there is a mass tort suit somewhere on the subject and I surely wouldn’t be objecting to be a part of that. I do have feelings of civil nature being of service to my country in many ways also with that keep that in mind. Yet I feel some compensation for medical bills would be in order my counselors cost me a small fortune. Also the operation was so covert done under the idea it was a foot surgery. When in fact nothing was done to my foot This happened in 1971 Deprograming Donald Meek
    • perhaps MOSES is the man in this picture let me know what you think?  
    • Jesus the man Tuesday, July 17, 2018 12:44 PM I was skeptical of the angel of Jesus that I might have found in the bible in luke 2:21 How ever the MAN in Ezekiel of the man ox lion eagle. Is the Jesus was named OF a angel in Luke And this MAN is perhaps that angel of Jesus I sought after The familiar spirit was not him Is there a stairway to heaven so to speak? With the EAGLE at the bottom The OX following close behind on the left Then comes the rightwing LION And finally the angel of Jesus the MAN Then Jesus of nazereth comes next With finally God the Father And His God at the very top   For a total of seven deities
    • Man lion Oxen Eagle Monday, July 16, 2018 6:14 PM Ezekiel 1:10 As for the likeness of their faces They four had the face of a man And the face of a lion on the right side And They four had the face of a ox on the left side They four also had the face of a eagle   This is what is on the wheel within a wheel The four man body figures with different faces Each has four wings   Is this the nature of the holy spirit? The MAN the LION the OX and the EAGLE
      is this the quad of GOD? Hold on brotheren cause more is on its way Or is it just the God that created us as humans? Via the HOLY SPIRIT I prefer to understand them all as the holy spirit It can come in any of these forms It is on the lower levels of GOD nature With JESUS CHRIST the king being in-between OX LION EAGLE JESUS is the MAN And what we call GOD the father Notice how the Holy spirit is nearly considered lessor in our regular prayers Father son and holy spirit always last Didn’t Jesus tell us the lessor is the greater? In so many words
    • Child Test Subjects
      There's no evidence to suggest MKUltra experiments were actually performed on kids, but Cathy O'Brien sure thinks they were. O'Brien has written two booksabout her experiences in a government-funded program called Project Monarch, which involved testing mind-control techniques on children. According to the project's truthers (of which there are quite a few), the government's goal in recruiting children for mind-control experiments was to hopefully create the perfect super-soldier - which sounds a lot like Stranger Things, actually. There are also claims that it involved child sexual abuse and experiments based on the work of Heinrich Himmler during the Third Reich. Again, there is absolutely no evidence that Project Monarch existed but the conspiracy-minded among us stillwant to believe.   from rolling stone article on MK ULTRA