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    • i think Genesis is Science and History amazing stuff really if you think, about it  
    • ok what i read a few years back seems untrue now so CORRECTION Pentathol was invented by abbott labs in the UK in the 30s i gather this is not to say russia doesnt have something simular      
    • i just read that COPTICS like the book of enoch? wowies  i think its a fablous book it would half explain somethings about a generation of angels of sorts or god like creatures that became of eve pehaps until such time we DEVOlution to a lessor species.  
    • adams are just lessor species of mankind perhaps like a ape man if you will something along that lines a branch like that back then EVE was a godlike creature created from ADAM and GOD the DNA of both creates Eve  
    • i would question these texts one being from adam to his son seth? since i belief is adam is a species this is hardly likely for me anyone could write this with my blessings tho interests me of little for now yet it might  have some basis in anointed or blessed understandings for some