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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

12:26 PM

ADAM was created from dust. The smallest thing perhaps.

A cell a DNA strand or is it star dust which I would love to think.

Star dust that created the ADAM which is the LESSOR Species (In Our Likeness)

And when he crawled from the sea GOD Breathed the breath of life into ADAM.

Adam was both man and woman of a species Adam and EVE sounds and seems like its man and wife and it is in general yes the basis of it is there yet it is more than female male. Or gender it is about species the EVE that was cloned or something not unlike cloning was used to create a EVE. (In Our Image). This is the true essence of Adam and Eve and I would invite you to teach this to everyone. Its more about species IN OUR LIKENESS and IN OUR IMAGE. This is what US and OUR the God (s) the God that created EVE whom was superhuman godlike creature.

This perhaps is the missing link in Darwin's theory  the superhuman Eve as a tie with modern human and the lessor species we are said to come from.

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personally, i think God the Father is gladly given the creation of Adam from dust.

what god created Eve then? this is where we have an introduction to the US and OUR in Genesis.

I think that god with a small g is a few there for the US and OUR its plural and meaning perhaps what we might even

call the god Jehova also the Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost (who drives)

did they or the angels they sent fly here in UFOS and seed this planet?

I sure think so.

seeded it with god like creatures you might find in such as the book of Enoch.

angels of sorts

long ago

before the time we might usually attach to the event

is it 10,000 years ago or much longer?

is Genesis a book of the worlds oldest stories compiled by MOSE or Saint Moses as I would love to call him.




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Us and our

Sunday, August 27, 2017

5:58 PM

In genesis God creates the heavens and the earth.

Then about the time of creating man God becomes US and OUR

Why is this you might wonder?

Well I think for sure the God that creates the heaven and earth is different from the god that creates Eve.

Us and Our God is referred to as during this story of creation of man. Or creature of the world.

2 Gods. Is it a wonder why we have a TRINITY? A Father Son and Holy Spirit?

Was it Jehovah that created EVE.

Elohim the name for God is also a plural word as well as singular.

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to recap.

Adam is a species both genders of a lessor mankind>. In our likeness.

Eve is superhuman cloned from the Holy Spirit > In our Image.



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i think Genesis is Science and History

amazing stuff really if you think, about it


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