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Creation of the universe

Sunday, August 6, 2017

3:00 PM

In Romans 1 chapter 20

For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse


This tells me that the creation of the universe is like anything being built

A few years back I was reading how science now has the theory down for the big bang they believe they can create a small bang universe in a lab. The only thing holding them back is that it might be dangerous and could create a black hole in space.

Our science has come far enough to create a universe why then can't a God that drives a UFO to create a universe. In John, I think it is that God spoke the universe into existence.

This to me means that the God we know as God the Father has only in theory or WORD has created a universe in theory perhaps for the same reason man is unsure of this experiment God has the same misfortune. Well this then says there must be US and OUR of Gods a plural like is written in Genesis that the God that created our Universe is different from the God that is in our own time and space the Monotheist God that created OUR universe in a box would be much larger than us we are assuming also I do believe it’s a whole different time frame where our planets are zooming around the suns in light speed fashion and the universe in GODS time is a mere 7 days.. (Est) have you ever seen the image of the star cluster called hand of God?

It's amazing and perhaps a real hand of God in some way he entered our universe. Or even our galaxy.

Yes, I am somewhat a Polytheist of sorts.  You will find the God of Israel and the heavenly host (which is two) described as ONE monotheist God

The heavenly host which is only redeemed by the God of Israel the host being the universe of which we all are a part of this to me would be a God of nature that in its own time is barely 7 days old we are all a part and a piece of this God we are WITH (in) this God as described in John

This is what we are all a part a piece of.


You will find in Genesis God referred to has US and OUR both plurals

Also in Exodus, I think it is that Moses says "not to revile the gods"

More evidence that gods exist.

Apart from the ONE monotheist God

Anyways God the Father exists and Also the Heavenly Host which is the God that created us in a box. In Gods time frame the universe is a mere 7 days old compared to our trillion or so years of existence (see Einstein theory of relativity)

Which is why we have the WORD in the beginning since only one word could perhaps be heard all of our human existence here on earth

We would be lucky to get a word from this GOD but what we do get is a full nature of existence and all our rules of physics laws of nature etc.

In John we have God and With (in) God as the two conditions.

I believe that God the Father the one that created EVE can, in fact, create a universe if he so well pleased yet he spoke it only into existence. Meaning theory, not practice.  Yet this God the Father is with us with God or within God

To sum up I am a firm believer in a dual God one WITH and one being God.

Is this perhaps why Jesus only refers to God the Father as the Father or heavenly father.

The God on our level is with God really like us with God.






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Spirits that transcend time and space

Monday, August 7, 2017

12:32 PM

If God and all the angels of his world were spirits.. And God is a Spirit.

Meaning they are of the other worlds the here beyond here ever after.

And God created the heavens and the earth. He spoke it or it was in WORD only.

Then someone else actually creates it from Gods plan.

Boom giant universe explosion in 7 days only.

Ripping thru the worlds

Blocking the light of day out.

The great star falling.

A new black hole in space.

Now being giants and in a completely different time and space for real

7 days for our trillion years.

What would happen to spirits that crossed over such a vast time and space.

Heaven really knows.

And it says In the bible that God is the light of the world..

Jesus said he was the light of the world and he was talking FOR God.

That’s it they light up like brilliant suns.


john 8:12

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is it the king of Israel or the god of Israel that is the redeemer for the heavenly Host.

I think this KING or god with a small G interprets for the Heavenly Host.

it speaks for him


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Remember this all is my journey and in the past, it is in FLUX it changes a bit over time..

I am just at the start of a truer understanding.


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Don’t listen to me..

Friday, August 11, 2017

8:49 PM

Man I was reading over my old site and how mean am I there

I would like to think of those thoughts as something to argue against.

I mean I am the worse Christian I am beginning to think.

But really this is my journey a intellectual nonsensical misfortune.

I am sure you will agree with me.

But anyways its something to argue against I believe about half of my own nonsense perhaps or less or more…. 

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2 species

Friday, August 11, 2017

9:48 PM

Jesus is remember Son of Man also.

Then being the Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost

Whom I both think have in the past or still do now In heaven ride in UFO's

God the Father Being that LIGHT Of the world.

Also riding in UFO's the creator of the universe and Adam

Where as the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost which was said to be God as US and OUR

Created EVE.

Eve was super human

Eve was in OUR image.

Adam was in OUR likeness

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Is the beginning revelation?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

1:11 PM

Is it possible that the book of revelations is all that WENT on in God the Father's life span?

Up to the point of him creating the heavens and the earth.

Then is it still the history of God the Father all that goes on in the book?

Or is it a warning more theory from God the Father of what will happen if we created a universe in a box?

The great star falls from the sky.

Our great star is our sun.

Could we wipe out our solar system with the invention of a universe?

Would it become out of control?

Revelations I have read it maybe 3 or 4 times now. And it's rather dismal in many areas.

It is suggested reading.

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