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Pouring Out of the Spirit

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Pouring out of spirit

Thursday, August 17, 2017

5:12 PM

In the last days, God will pour out his spirit upon ALL FLESH.

Is it that we will as any and all people be lead by the spirit of God.

That many will prophesy.

Are we coming upon this now in our ARTS

With the Church of the Sub genius

Who believe in a god Jehva1 or Jehovah One.

That drives a UFO

And is also a vengeful god.

They have fashioned a whole art scene around this belief.

Am I much different?


A pouring out of spirit.

Is man approaching god like understandings?

In general in the ARTS and SCIENCES.

Do we all know so too much as to nearly causing a possible close future of NONexistance on this planet?

Is the BIBLE there to help prevent such a tragic way of nature?

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Pouring out of spirit

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

12:24 PM

I think when it says God will pour out his spirit on ALL FLESH

It means that that we are all influenced by God and will be

We will learn what we learn due to god and the spiritual world

That also we become advanced in knowledge akin to what the gods might know

Are we all being guided by a other dimension?

The age old questions of is there more that we can sense with our senses?

Are our senses failed a bit and there is much more according to what sensory capacity we have

Is there a 4th and 5th dimensions?

The 4th being TIME yes we have 4 dimensions.

What about the 5th? Something beyond our real senses

For the most part.

What if something like a void in a void was between atoms in the void of inner space?

Something like anti matter in that ones positive matter and ones negative matter but more extreme understandings.  Where the states of the atoms in each alt universe would be POSITIVE plus and minus charges of electrons and NEGITIVE plus and minus charges of electrons so a complete new set of what would we have 4 sets of charges?




What if as my old artist friend says there are many more dimensions that we know.

The spiritual world was written about for 5000 years ago it was seemingly understood as the normal way of thinking? That outside forces have impact on our lives.

Is there something like a few more dimensions? Those unseen unheard by ordinary senses would it take some internal 6th sense to comprehend any of it all.

Do we have 7 dimensions with two complete 3D worlds sharing TIME

Is it something that seven would be a number of positive and negative charged dimensions with time that we all would make what a biblical number.

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